Ships of the Narn Regime

The Narn's are one of the younger space fairing races, with a large amount of their early ship technology being copied from the Centauri and built into a bigger frame. After while they began to develop technology on their own, and selling it to other races, such as the Humans during the Earth-Minbari war.

By the end of the Babylon series Narn technology is several steps behind Earth's before especially with the advent of bio-technology and the Victory class destroyers. All Narn ships work in z-gravity. They can take on a Centauri ship of equal size if they get off the first shot, but if the Centauri get off the first shot, a Narn ship would generally lose. Narn ships could defeat a Human Nova or Hyperion class cruiser, but an Omega class destroyer would make short work of any Narn capital ship. Narn weapons are a mixture of beam and pulse, and they are one of the few races that deploys energy mines. They also have large amounts of missiles in their ships.

G'quon class heavy cruiser

Ships of the Narn Regime

The capital ships of the the Narn regime, the G'quon cruiser is comparable to the Earth alliance`s Omega class destroyer. The G'quon cruisers have no artificial gravity which is an obvious drawback against many of the ships from the other older races. Although they could hold there own against the Centauri capital ships when they had a tactical advantage, but toe for toe on most occasions the Centauri ships would be at an advantage and be victorious. During the Narn Centauri war that began in 2259 nearly all the G'quon heavy cruisers were destroyed but a couple of surviving ships did manage to be influential in the Shadow war.

Drive System: 3 fusion reactors
Crew: 200
Troops: 800
Fighter compliment: 14 Frazi class fighters
Armament: 6 Pulse Cannons, 2 Particle Lasers, 2 Energy Mine Launchers, 2 Fusion Missile Launchers(25 missiles per launcher)

T`loth Class Assault Cruiser

One of the first Narn warships constructed after the Centauri first left the Narn home world, the T`loth assault cruiser was constructed from backward engineering Centauri technology left behind, coupled with stolen and bought technology from races of the non-aligned worlds. Similar sort of firepower to the Earth Alliance Nova class dreadnought, in recent years it is used as a support ship for the larger G'quon cruisers, providing fire support. It is often also used as a troop transport able to drop large numbers of Narn soldiers onto a battlefield.

Drive System: 2 fusion reactors
Crew: 150
Troops: one full division, in Narn terms about 10,000
Fighter Compliment: 6 Frazi class fighters
Armaments: 2 Plasma cannons, 4 Medium pulse cannons ,6 Light pulse cannons

Frazi Class Heavy Fighter

Frazi Narn Fighter Narn fighters are quite capable, but they lack maneuverability or weapons power of fighters of other races. They can be destroyed by one blast from an EA starfury, but a starfury can take a lot of hits from a Narn pulse cannon and live to tell the tale. But their 4 fusion missile launchers make up for that defect quite nicely.

They have pressurized cabins, so their pilots don't have to wear pressure suits. This is more evidence that Narns can tolerate the high stress rates of zero-G combat. This fighter is both atmosphere and space capable.

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Narn Ships

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Ships of the Narn Regime