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Star Wars Ships

The ships from the original star wars have become iconic, from the Millennium Falcon to the Super star destroyers, these ships are instantly recognizable and loved and have been the stars of their own throughout the years in games such as x-wing vs Tie Fighter.

Imperial Ships

Star Destroyers

The capital ship of the imperial navy the Star destroyers can be traced back to the clone wars as the capital ships for the old republic, there have been many versions of star destroyer including the Victory Class star destroyer, Empire star destroyer and the super star destroyer. These gigantic ships house a huge compliment of both crew for the ship as well as a complement of troops, a star destroyer is a match for most out rim planets.

Empire Class Star Destroyer

The outer shape of the ISZ resembled a shallow wedge with diamond-shaped cross-section, of the open end sticking up three large and four smaller round nozzle. From about the middle of the top ship begins to rise in terraces, so they just gave up under the conning tower into four smaller and recessed steps. This was enthroned a crossbeam just above the sheath and spanned approximately to one third of the entire width of the ship at this point. It is supported only by a relatively thin, block-like element which slopes downwardly behind him on the terrace edges until the end of the wedge. The side lines of the ship are in contrast to the smooth, white gray painted shell, which had only a few and rather flat elevations, covered by a chaotic collection of antennas, cables and technical elements which are also reflected at the tower and the terraces.

The basic form of these ships was a logical continuation of what already during the Clone Wars of the Kuat Drive Yards with the Acclamator- and Venator class started and as " terrorist design was known ". The sight of the designed in this kind of space ships should demonstrate strength and spread fear, whereupon the empire strategy aimed due to its "rule-by-fear".

The construction of an Imperial Star Destroyer was - so complex and huge that might be - basically quite simple. The core structure, to which the power supply, the drive elements and the hangar area listed, grouped in the "wedge" to the longitudinal axis of the ship around and filled both outer sides of the rear area. The remaining space inside the casing was filled with habitable decks, so to speak, where the available space is used optimally. Among the myriad rooms, which can be found on the various decks included both extensive crew quarters, Storage rooms and closets, as well as conference rooms, recreational areas and lounges for guests of honour, so that the star destroyer was in fact a flying city. To all premises of a vessel of this size at a glance and to coordinate their use, provided for the commander Although a huge logistical challenge, but worked smoothly. The decks were in many places of transport routes, power lines and numerous lift tubes traversed, which ran through the ship and good supply or short distances guaranteed.

The main components of the core structure were in the rear part of the ship below the terraces and were so well protected. The reactors, propulsion systems and generators lay there in a kind of huge hall, which were crossed by lines, cooling elements and maintenance programs and almost completely isolated for safety from the rest of the interior. Further ahead gaped at the bottom of the ISZ an almost square hole of about 150 meters edge length, which represented the entry and exit opening of the main hangar. On either side were nine little gates, from which the TIE fighters could start, while the larger opening on the side facing towards the bow, however, acted as a landing bay. There were hunters arriving on an elaborate system of tractor beams transported and transport rails to their assigned grid positions or maintenance areas, where they hung on racks waiting for their next assignment. The TIE bombers were housed in separate armoured compartments in the event that the on-board by a technical defect proton bombs should explode. In the rear section below the flight deck control eventually joined the so-called attack hangar designed for the stationed aboard landing craft and with the underlying garages for AT- ATs and AT-STs was connected. A little further forward there was another so-called front hangar, the focal point for the ferry senior officers and in an emergency replacement for the main hangar was.

For a crew of several thousand men and dozens of spaceships and vehicles an extensive supply and maintenance system was needed, was the center of the front of the ship near the main hangar. Raw material storage and liquid tanks filled up a large part of the area around the front hangar around and contained all the main raw materials for the self-sufficiency of the Star Destroyer with goods such as building materials and spare parts. The vast storerooms summarized a vast amount of food which should be enough in space for up to six years, and made the ships of the Imperium class so that an autonomous long-term instrument of power. There were production on board, but was waived the installation of recycling systems, what the amount of waste produced increased dramatically. From a certain amount of this was just before hyperspace jumps thrown in compressed form through hatches at the rear into space - the Empire was finally not known for its environmental consciousness.

From the power supply to the armament put the empire class an engineering feat. The main reactor, power generator and drive made here as in many imperial ships a fixed unit and immediately lay together. The approximately spherical main reactor resulted in the cylindrical generator which was connected directly to the main propulsion turbine and so supplied the mean ion engine. It was the same with the two adjacent systems for the starboard or larboard main propulsion turbines - almost identical in structure - were slightly smaller. For the auxiliary drive systems of the four smaller additional thrusters were also own reactors and generators, so that a total failure of the power supply and propulsion systems should be excluded due to technical failure almost.

The armament of the Imperial Star Destroyer included a massive arsenal of 60 turbolaser batteries , 60 ion cannons , and 10 tractor beam projectors , which were distributed over the entire shell. Along the incision on the sidelines are AA guns lined up against each other, their task was to fight against enemy fighters and other small vessels. On both sides of the bay there was ever a side facing severe Vierling laser battery with which larger goals, such as corvettes, left strafe. On top of the envelope were also defensive weapons to find, such as the three axial defence towers, which were placed before the first stage of the upper deck. The Bug in turn housed the powerful tractor beam systems with which enemy ships could simply capture to capture them and then take them to the main hangar or to simply make unable to move. The advanced tractor beam projector phalanx had the nose cone look like a mighty pine tree that seemed to just waiting to grab its prey. Had the tractor beam-target recognition, which was housed in an eye-catching housing in the middle of the conning tower, an enemy ship in sight, activated to catch rays on the bow, to put it to use. The generous dimensions of the hangar could hold the size of a Corellian Corvette be shoehorned under the Star Destroyer and fixed with an electromagnetic bondage crane near the TIE-landing bay.

By far the most powerful part of the armament were the six turbolaser cannons, each of which was mounted together in threes with a heavy ion cannon on both sides of the terraces. This high- powered weapons that could easily penetrate any armour to speak a length of 50 meters, and required each more than 100 gunners and engineers. The control and monitoring of the guns was divided into the underlying spaces in three levels. The bottom called, "Supply and modulation control," was the monitoring of the power supply to prevent dangerous imbalances that could blow up in the worst case, the entire section in the air. The gunners in the plane above, however, were responsible for target acquisition and directed the gun, taking into account the lead angle on the opponent out. The top level, finally, fire control, made for the correct release of the shot, because here it was because of the huge amounts of energy and the process of its own instability lead to incidents. In preparing for a battle major appliance chambers are flooded with a N-CO mixture.

All actions, flight operations and the use of the weapons were located and monitored by the towering command tower. Here are not only the actual bridge that could be seen from the bow of hardly, all communication and navigation systems as well as the two deflector shields that guarded the tower. High-ranking officers were also housed here and had for many emergency escape pods available. The bridge itself was not much more than a kind of armoured observation deck that overlooks the commander of the combat action and was able to give instructions to the officers. In two ditches that flanked the walkway to the viewing window, ran together all the important information about the ship's status and thus enabled an overview of the ship, the first ever made so the organization of the tremendous battle ship possible.

In the battle of the Imperial Star Destroyer showed few weaknesses. Nevertheless, he was vulnerable, especially by small hunters who usually could not be detected by the defensive turbo lasers because of their size. The Rebel Alliance quickly realized that the exposed bridge at the front of the tower, the most vulnerable point of the ship - if it was possible to turn off the two upper shield generators.

Star Destroyers of the Empire class were very versatile and have been used for different purposes. In space battles they could compel with their firepower and size of the enemy to its knees, but at the same time they were also a support ship, which could provide valuable support with its large capacity hunters. In the hangar total found up to 72 starfighters space that could be taken in different configurations on board. So it was possible, for example, three TIE fighter squadrons along with two bomber squadrons and one squadron Enter spaceships carry on operations. Later, however, drew a configuration of two squadrons TIE starfighters, TIE interceptors before and bombers. In addition to these, there were also eight shuttles up to the Lambda class , five assault gunboats , fifteen Sentinel landing craft , and numerous other transporters on board, whose task was the withdrawal of ground troops. For possibly also carried twenty AT-ATs and AT-STs thirty could even transporters of the Theta-class and Y-85 Titan drop ships put in the hangar area. The empire was class so be equipped for any use of escorts through the open space battle through to planetary invasion, accordingly.

Due to their defensive qualities also many planets of protection fleets were equipped with one or more Star Destroyers. So you could one hand to hold enemies from without, on the other hand intimidated the presence of these powerful ships in orbit residents and consolidated the imperial rule. These psychological effects were not limited to individual planets but even in the whole star system in question felt. The destructive power of an Imperial Star Destroyer also was not confined to the space combat but could also be concentrated on the surface of a planet - with terrifying consequences. If the command " base delta zero pronounced "the weapons of one or more Star Destroyer transformed a planet into a lifeless wasteland, destroying all life on its surface. These ships were therefore more than just military tools, they were instruments of power, within the meaning of the Tarkin Doctrine should ensure the absolute dominion of the Empire by the fear that they spread.

The role of absolute biggest warship lost empire class but after a few years, as the first Super Star Destroyer , the Executor , was completed. The smaller Star Destroyers were then used in addition to their original duties for these new giants as escorts for the protection and support.

Only the strategic genius Grand Admiral Thrawn extended these conventional applications of the empire class during his campaign against the New Republic. Here he used the Star Destroyer as opposed to imperial practice during the past decades successfully for lightning raids on worlds of the Republic as Bpfassh , Sluis Van or Nkllon , although this has been rejected by other strategists as material waste and too risky.

Since the Star Destroyer Acclamator - and Venator class during the Clone Wars, had proved, instructed the Galactic Republic several companies with the development of new variants of these capital ships. Shortly before the war was thus already of Rendili Star Drive -designed Victory class used during the development of the new ship class lasted even longer by Kuat Drive Yards also due to horrendous production costs. The characteristic design of the empire class came from Lira Wessex , which was inspired by her father's work at the Victory class and so retained the arrow shape of the hull. However, they outperformed the old designs not only in terms of size but also in terms of technical characteristics, since only the development let alone the production of high-performance techniques enormous sums of credits devoured.

After the proclamation of the Galactic Empire Emperor ordered Palpatine , however, the mass production of the new ship class, over the heads of objecting high imperial officers away. As the first of the initially mentioned Imperator class ships from the deck ran, silenced even the most vehement critics of the project if the performance and the resounding success of the first test missions.

It is known nothing about the first ship of this series, but already the second named Exactor became the first flagship of the Sith - Lord Darth Vader fame. Already about a month after the seizure Palpatine was Exactor put into service and took, among others, the conquest Kashyyyks and the deportation of countless Wookiee - Sklaven in the Despayre system part.

Despite the huge construction costs approximately 25,000 of these ships have been produced over the years, the spread in the heyday of the empire across the entire galaxy duties took over.

During the Galactic Civil War presented the Imperial Star Destroyer is the backbone of the fleet and were in all the battles against the strengthened Rebel Alliance a serious opponent. A famous ship of the class was the empire, for example, the Devastator , Lord Vader's flagship in 0 BBY , the in orbit above Tatooine , the Corellian corvette Tantive IV and with her Princess Leia Organa took up. During the following years of the Galactic Civil War participated the Star Destroyer in important battles, as were, for example, several ships of the Imperium class Darth Vader Death Squad , which in ABY 3 the Rebel base on Hoth attack and later the persecution of volatile Millennium Falcon took over .

The largest defeat had the empire but in 4 ABY, during the Battle of Endor plug, as there was not only the second Death Star , the Executor and Emperor Palpatine lost, but also a large number of Star Destroyers, which are either destroyed or captured by the rebels .

Following this dramatic event and the establishment of the New Republic ships were doing their service in the fleets of both powers, as well as in Grand Admiral Thrawn's armada and Admiral Daalas fleet. Some of these ships were doing even a few decades later during the Yuuzhan Vong War still serving in the combined fleet of the Galactic Alliance and the rest of the empire against the extragalactic invaders. However, a steady shrinkage in the existence of the Star Destroyer was after the rebel victory at Endor determine, as these were in countless skirmishes and battles either destroyed or captured, so that in the year 19 ABY, only about 200 ships of the Imperium class in the active service of the Empire were.

Some time before the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War presented the Kuat Drive Yards the Empire a more sophisticated variant of this Star Destroyer include the Imperium II class . This was characterized mainly by better armor and weapons as well as higher speed, making these ships usually took over key positions in the imperial fleet and often served as command ships. These include the accuser under Captain Firmus Piett , the chimera under Grand Admiral Thrawn and Captain Gilad Pellaeon and virulence , the later of smuggler Booster Terrik captured in Flying dealer renamed and was painted with red paint.

Super Star Destroyer

The Super Star Destroyer Eclipse class was a super weapon of Emperor Palpatine . They had a length of 17.5 km and a large firepower. But the heart of this super weapon was mounted on the bow axial superlaser . This super laser alone possessed the firepower of two-thirds of the Death Star phalanx . Only two ships of this class were built, the Eclipse I and Eclipse II . The Eclipse class inspired fear with heir sheer size and a black hull paint.

The Eclipse class had 550 heavy laser cannons , 500 turbo laser batteries and 75 ion cannons , which were distributed over the ship and could prevent a fleet from entering the hyperspace to escape. She had further one hundred tractor beams , which were located near the hangars. But the core of the armament of the Eclipse class was the axial super laser at the bow. His firepower sufficient to destroy continents and even the crust of a planet.

The ships of the Eclipse class had a force of 150,000 soldiers on board as well as a legion of Imperial Honour Guard . Furthermore, an assault battalion was on board. And in the holds waited hundred AT-ATs in five pre-fabricated garrison bases on their use. The hangars were able to carry fifty TIE fighters - and eight TIE bomber squadrons.

Tie Fighters

The tie fighters are the defence screen for the star destroyer as well as a potent offensive weapon. There are a variety of different models of tie fighter which can be seen in the return of the jedi during the battle of endor scene, these different versions of tie fighter include tie interceptors, tie bombers and the classic fighter from star wars a new hope.

Tie Interceptor

Based on the model of Darth Vader's prototype, the TIE Advanced X1 , the interceptor was developed to supplemented the classic TIE fighters that could be produced in large quantities cheaply, for the well-equipped and powerful star fighters of the Rebel but should represent not only by sheer majority a threat. Emphasis was placed on superior speed and manoeuvrability. The TIE / IN presented itself finally as a masterpiece of modern space technology: So the hunter was powered by a revolutionary ion flux projector that it one of the fastest ships of the galaxy made. Powerful control deflectors allowed an unprecedented manoeuvrability, and by arming, was much stronger than its predecessor, he turned for enemy fighters even deadlier threat than this.

In the Galactic Civil War, the hunter played ultimately still no supporting role as he went late in production and in the Battle of Endor therefore too little machines were available in order to turn the tide of battle in favour of empire space navy. Following the destruction of the Second Death Star , the hunter was an integral part of the fleet of the imperial ruins and remained in use for many decades.

Although the TIE interceptor built on the strengths of its predecessor - speed and agility - so he shared with him his characteristic weaknesses. The interceptor decreed as his predecessor had no life support systems, which necessitated the wearing of a space-qualified and equipped with just these systems suit for the pilot. Also, the interceptor was not equipped with a hyperdrive, which limited him in his reach and a short-range fighter made; however, this was in most cases a disadvantage because he was finally designed exactly on it and it is therefore waived for reasons of cost efficiency and keeping down the total weight of the machine on a Hyper drive. However, had the ball pulpit of the hunter quite enough space to incorporate such a hyperdrive, and should the need to - occasionally this also happened for example with the hunters of the imperial guard of honour. Despite its primary purpose as short-range fighter, the absence of a hyper drive seemed generally to be negative, since the interceptor was thus bound to planetary bases or at large spaceships in space.

However, the main weakness of the TIE interceptors informed the TIE fighters, consisted in the absence of a deflector shields which protected the delicate shell. All in all, took advantage of superior speed and firepower the TIE interceptors nothing if he was under heavy fire, or could be outmanoeuvred, contrary to expectations of enemy fighters. Therefore, could produce no less than loss rate for the TIE fighter imperial hunter quota during the Galactic Civil War for the TIE interceptors. Pilots who survived more than a handful of missions were already considered elite.

Rebelian Ships During Galactic Civil War

The rebel allience where ard stretched and there ships where much more varied as they converted commercial ships into war ships, including the correlian transports and the mon calamari cruisers as well as the Nebula B frigate. The rebel allience used fighters to a larger degree than that of the empire, with x-wings, y wings, bwings and a-wings, the first death star was destoyed by a fighter only attack

Nebulon- B2 frigate

The Nebulon-B2 frigate is the direct successor of the Nebulon-B -Fregatte . It is a heavily converted and modified version of its predecessor, which has different than this now much stronger weapons against capital ships.

The ship was like the previous one ship of the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance . It splits in the external area of the B1 significantly. Instead of having only one dome in the front, the front B2 is arranged as an inverted V. Although this had more staff be used, but the more weapons could be mounted.

Corellian Corvette

The CR90 -Korvette, also simply called Corellian Corvette or rebel blockade runner, was of the Corellian Engineering Company as Corvette developed. During the Galactic Civil War they were a hallmark of the Rebel Alliance .

The Corvette owes its distinctive "hammerhead shape" the general command module at the bow and the cluster of ion turbine engines at the rear. The interior of this 150 meter long hull is modular, making the Corvette can be relatively easily converted for different uses. The cargo spaces could thus be easily replaced by troops accommodations and vice versa, so that the capacity can be adapted to specific requirements. A hanger is provided to accommodate small spacecraft. Due to their fast Sublicht- and hyper drives it is very popular as cargo or courier ship.

Military models equipped with stronger weapons and shields are mainly used by the Empire. The slight offensive systems are appropriate for a small spaceship and fight consist of six Taim & Bak H9 dual turbolaser turrets in six distributed around the hull. Two armored towers cover top and bottom of the fuselage, while four smaller amidships mounted on the top. They also serve as an armed rescue capsules and can accommodate twelve people. The hull of an iron-magnesium ceramic composite holds limited turbolaser fire was. A Phoa-King Meyer 484-J4e-defense shield projector repels kinetic and energy attacks. Later follow-up models with similar flexible use width were introduced. Corvettes used by pirates, privateers and blockade runners of the rebellion are often similarly equipped, although such ships are usually older and in worse shape than their Imperial counterparts.

A known Corvette was the Tantive IV , the serving of Alderaanian was royalty. Bail Organa and his daughter Princess Leia Organa they used for diplomatic trips and secret missions for the Rebel Alliance . The highly visible red trim showed significantly to the diplomatic status of the vessel.

Other well-known Corvette was the Night Caller , which the Wraith Squadron began their missions, and the Sundered Heart , which under the command of Captain Antilles Raymus stood and was upgraded for him.

Rebel Star Fighters


The X-wing is a starfighter series of Incom Corporation , which their name from the distinctive silhouette of the opened-up Attack Position S-wing , got. The best known model was doing the T-65 X-wing , which by its properties, and participation in numerous decisive battles during the Galactic Civil War, just as a symbol of the entire rebellion was as the red phoenix .

The X-wing was the final development of the Incom Corporation before it was nationalized and was originally intended for the imperial war machine. The hunter technically based both on experience with the Z-95 Headhunter , which from the leaked cooperation with the Subpro Corporation was formed, as well as those with its predecessor, the ARC-170 starfighter of the Galactic Republic .

The technician provided the alliance with both the plans, the necessary resources to build the hunters in limited number itself, as well as the opportunity to steal four prototypes of the new fighter, the still in the hangar areas of their former company Fresia were . The Capture of these hunters in the Battle of Fresia by the rebels would have had almost severe personal consequences for employees of Incom, because the Empire had to disband the company and all employees after boiler transport to make use of prison labor in the mines. But the alliance caught the convoy from before this boiler had reached and freed the engineer.

Although it succeeded the Alliance, to get a larger number of X- wing fighter in their possession, but they were - except for a handful - not ready, because the hunters the R2 units were missing, needed by the X-wing for navigation and the galaxy far ensured the Empire and monitored. The alliance, however, managed via Commenor a freighter with R2-units according to Yavin IV to smuggle to get their fighter fleet operational.

After success in the Battle of Yavin with the destruction of the Death Star and in numerous other battles the X-wing quickly became the standard fighter of the Rebel Alliance. The type triggered T-65 X-wing from the outdated Z-95 fighters. Although this model was not as fast as the A-wing , but very agile, fire strong and relatively well protected by his shield from enemy fire. The regular T-65, there was also a reconnaissance version, with many of the T-65BR X-wing came from converted T-65.

After the death of the Emperor of the X- wing was still used, especially by the Renegaten- and the Wraith Squadron . Its technology has been continually improved by minor modifications - variations were the TX-65 X-wing and T-65D-A1 X-wing . During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, the new came J-series on the market, which was equipped with an additional "stutter fire mode" in which very high-traffic, laser beams were fired with little strength to the Dovin Basal the Yuuzhan Vong to deal with ships.

The shell of the X-wing was using Sedrellium cured, the only on the planet Ando is naturally occurring and of the living there Andoanischen mineral fish is formed, a crustacean.

B-Wing Star Fighter

The B-wing starfighter was designed by Admiral Ackbar in cooperation with the Verpine designed - Ingenieuren. He put the frontal attack fighters and fighter-bombers for special missions the Rebel Alliance at the time of the Galactic Civil War.

The B-wing had a unique design, striking, which consisted of a stationary cockpit with cockpit and a gyroscopically suspended main wing, which could turn the machine up to 360 degrees. Thanks to this construction and the vibrating wing construction, enlarged the field of fire while the enemy had same problems, to detect the movements of the B-wing with its target sensors. This advantage, however, was achieved at the expense of ease of use, since the B-wing was known for its heavy control, which is why he only by highly experienced and talented pilots could be fly it. The sophisticated design also had a detrimental effect on repairs and maintenance, since the lay three wings of the machine at rest on each other and thus blocking the access to the central area.

The designers of the B-wing furnished him with a heavy and varied arsenal of weapons that could be individually put together depending on the operational plan or the personal preferences of pilots. By default, included the weapons systems an R-9X laser cannon , a Gyrhil Twins Repetierblaster, two MG9-proton torpedo launchers and three SW-7 ion cannons , of which one of the two S-wing was and one at the pulpit. The starfighter could also be converted for non-combat missions, as the wing tips were just letting fitted with other equipment modules. So were after the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, some B-wings used for firefighters, which they wore fireproof projectors in their carriers instead of weapons. For air travel in space of the B-wing benefited from a powerful Quadex Kyromaster-sublight , the heavy machine on 60 MGLT accelerated, while in the interstellar environment HYD-997 hyperdrive rudder was used. This robust drive system in comparison to other Hyper drives the class 2 corresponded, although allowed for only half as high as the speed of the X or A-Flüglern , but it stopped the generally high production costs lower. The sensor array 549 of Mikroaxial was able to save only two jump coordinates, but the connection to the navigation computer made ??sure that the B-wing on a astromech droid could do without.

As in 0 BBY, the Galactic Empire with the destruction of the Death Star in the Battle of Yavin suffered a heavy defeat, it began to increase the security of its supply convoys drastically. In order to provide the counter and the imperial battleships something equivalent, thought the Rebel Alliance to a heavily armed attack fighters, which was finally constructed by Admiral Ackbar personally and in cooperation with the Verpine engineers. This B-wing starfighter supported the rebellion also used by the X and Y-wing as escort and mobile command station. The Verpine shipyards of Slayn & Korpil could despite the opposition of the empire that tried to prevent the completion of the B-wing, maintain production and to equip the entire rebel fleet with the new starfighters.

Just one year after the completion of the B-wing presented Slayn & Korpil an improved version of the standard model before, the so-called B-wing
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